Beach Huts and Bathing Machines

Beach Huts and Bathing Machines

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Author: Kathryn Ferry
About this book
Behind the enduring popularity of beach huts lies a story of classic British eccentricity. Immensely photogenic and appealing, these colourful seaside buildings are direct successors of the Georgian bathing machine, which first appeared in the 1730s as a peculiar device to protect the modesty of rich and fashionable bathers. Kathryn Ferry paints a picture postcard view of the classic British seaside holiday through the history of beach huts and bathing machines, revealing how changing fashions in society shaped their design and development. A fascinating celebration of the evolution of the beach hut from its unusual beginnings to its status as a much-loved and sought-after structure by many a British holiday maker to this day.
  • The Bathing Machine
  • Victorian Variations
  • Tents, Bungalows and Bathing Stations
  • Beach Huts: Past
  • Beach Huts: Present and Future
  • Further Reading
  • Gazeteer
  • Index
Paperback; February 2009; 64 pages; ISBN: 9780747807001