Classic Candy

Classic Candy

America’s Favorite Sweets, 1950–80

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Author: Darlene Lacey
About this book
Whether classics like Hershey’s, Mars and M&Ms or trend-setters like PEZ and Atomic Fireballs, candy has a special place in the hearts and memories of most Americans, who to this day consume more than 600 billion pounds of it each year. In this colorful illustrated guide, Darlene Lacey looks at candy in America from a variety of angles, examining everything from chocolate to fruity sweets and from the simply packaged basics to gaudy product tie-ins. She examines the classic brands of the late twentieth century and what they mean, guiding us on a mouth-watering, sugar-fueled trip down a memory lane filled with signposts like Bazooka, Clark, Necco and Tootsie Roll.
  • Introduction
  • Americana
  • Classic Chocolate
  • Classic Sweets
  • Classic Celebrities
  • Trends and Fads
  • Classic Holidays
  • Further Reading
  • Places to Visit
  • Index
Paperback; May 2013; 64 pages; ISBN: 9780747812432

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